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The shortest essay on ourselves:  “The Endocrine is an art sensitive and specific, idea distribution platform. We believe in the equal importance of spreading ideas as much as doing art works itself. We give voice to vision. Born in India, in 2012, The Endocrine wishes to make artistic ideas reach out to a young, content hungry million that has missed out on an artistic understanding thanks to awesome but coded textual art history writings. Say hello to Art History v3.0

Good documentation tends to positively impact the value of your art in several ways. From the cognitive standpoint, people can better understand its antecedents, intent and inspirations– how it came into being. From the aesthetic standpoint, you can focus on various characteristics of your work, their relative significances, your process and so on. From the financial standpoint, collectors generally pay more for art that they can understand and appreciate on a variety of levels than they pay for art that confuses them, or that they know little or nothing about or have to guess at what it means (assuming they pay for it at all… and they usually don’t). Remember– you won’t always be around to explain yourself or your art to everyone who sees it, so the better you document it in that regard now, the better for all concerned.”

p.s  – Expression, is about making “others” hear you. – some lonely lover somewhere 2012



Artists + The Endocrine = Art History v3.0 ?
Artists have been collaborating with writers and historians to broadcast an idea. And text took the idea ahead, many a times with a loss in translation. It’s 2014 and guess what? Video is the most correct format to honestly engage a recipient. Imagine your work being translated with utmost clarity, by thousands. For artists who demand more feedback and critique. For artists who want to connect. For all those who want to make sense in the most concise format, say Hi to Video.
Are you a Museum Director?
We’re sure you get thousands of footfalls a day! But documentation and archiving curatorial keynotes and concepts that could work as content to disseminate cultural theories, contemporary or of the past, has a need even more now than ever. Today’s artists represent today’s mindset and can be documented, but for everything else, the curator is a prophet! Take a stand, narrate, hypothesis, archive your viewpoint.
How The Endocrine works with Art Galleries?
Here’s the plan. So, you are about to have an exhibition.
Your plan – You’ve been inviting your viewers via static emailers and printed catalogs. One image, maybe two. A small compressed wall text. People attend your show. Have your lovely wine!

Our Plan – Make a 5 min video on the artworks and artist. Let the curator explain the agenda. Send the video via email as an invite. Disseminate the idea to 1000’s clearly. Together we keep the idea alive forever for everyone to view for progeny, because today’s viewer is tomorrows buyer. But they’ll buy what they understand. So make them. Archive culture. Document opinions. Shout, beyond the exhibition dates too.

Why Curators collaborating with The Endocrine is Super!?
Curators are cultural prophets. Tastemakers. And caretakers of culture. Generating portfolios for museums and galleries need to be understood and expressed with delicacy. The why’s, how’s and what’s can be delivered perfectly. Empowering curators with a platform for broadcasting their voices, makes better art history. Say hello to Art History v3.0
Is your art exhibition opening, coming soon ?
Artists  Slow Down Clown were going to launch internationally, which is when they approached us. They luckily did not decide to invite everyone for their show only via emailers and static jpeg posters. We, together designed a very simple yet emotional video that gave the invitee a little insight into what kind of content the Album contained.  It helped the press, audience at Blue Frog Mumbai and the band immensely.

So,you’ve been working hard on your exhibition. But depending only on footfall and word of mouth abstract appreciations obviously doesn’t work. Our research clearly points out that people don’t digest art that way. The Endocrine is introducing a new format for Indian Art to explain itself. To a larger audience. For better connect. Towards clarity, honesty and real solutions for yesterday’s short- changes.

What, When & Why - The Endocrine?
Please call us or email us. There is a lot to chat about this topic. Its not that we can’t explain it here, it’s just that our evil competitors might get our magic strategy, too easily.
Artists never leave with Art Residency + The Endocrine Collaborations
Art Residencies are so crucial to an artist, that some of the most pathbreaking works are produced during this phase of an artist. Capturing a mature idea and locking it in Video at this precise point makes for awesome explorations and intellectual property. As an example : Artist Chandni Vora, a timid explainer of her works didn’t need to speak to the hundreds who came for her Last Ship Residency Open Studio. She just played the video. People saw, people digested and people bought. The appreciation was real!
Don't Press This if you're not an Artist
Dear Artist,

We’d been wanting to write to you since a long time. We’re truly sorry we were not available while you painted the Ajanta Caves, inlayed the marble on the Taj, helped Akbar in doing his portraits or carving the Khajurao, Brihadeshwara or Konark and Hampi.

Via this heartfelt apology, we’d like to openly commit our long standing relationship to your kind. The Artists of this land, will from circa 2012 be given a voice, for generations, to explain their insights, viewpoints and inspirations by themselves. We also apologise if for some reason your ideas were misconstrued by modern writers. You see, the art of writing, during our current epoch is slanted and looks backward. In our defence, we’d like to explain, that concepts such as social media were not yet present during your reign, and hence your commissioners took the liberty to focus on superficial subjects.  But things have changed since. Its 2014 now. We agree, your plight with regards to explaining yourself and your works has still not made a dent even within modern society. Yes, its called – “modern” these days.

We have what they call Art Galleries now, also Biennales. You’d be happy to know, that the art works there are also explained with the same vigour and detail as they do while explaining your work via professional tour guides.

But times have changed and Artists like yourselves nowadays have their own voices. We make films on you. You speak to us once. Yes once, and via truly modern technology we broadcast your idea into a vast ocean of viewers. And the best part is, you get to connect with them too. We have a few artists whose work we have documented perfectly and aim to record all artists eventually.

Our promise to you is irrevocable , concrete and forever; and as an assurance of our commitment have established this very model/ platform and channel.

Everything we do at The Endocrine is aimed at making your expression the best in the world. We know that you expect that from us, and we will keep working non-stop until our expression lives up to the same incredibly high standard.

Hope your rebirth is within the same profession.

Yours truly
Endocrine Films

p.s – They don’t cut hands any more after the exhibits.








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