Ankur Rander + SIMPLE LABS

2000 views/Week ONE….To spread the initiatives of e-governance in Maharashtra a campaign called eTreat has been launched. The campaign aims to interact with citizens to expound the initiatives taken up by the government. To attract the citizens and interact with them in an innovative manner, a bespoke 16 door vending machine that dispenses free treats when you interact with it was created. For the first time user’s could open a real physical lock using Facebook, Twitter, SMS or their Aadhaar number. The state has used this radical communication idea and medium to reach the citizens and engage with them by making it an experience, something that has never been attempted before.

Each lock in the installation is connected to 4 digital platforms Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Aadhaar. To open the locker user citizen could either Like the post on e-governance Facebook page, Tweet #eTreatDIT or send a normal SMS eTreat to 51969. Alternatively users could also use their Aadhaar Number and finger print to open a locker real time. Once you do any of the above, a locker opens up, your name is displayed on the display screen and you can collect your free treat. Each treat box comes with a printed initiative of Govt. of Maharashtra that leads you to where you can read about all the other initiatives. The website will also be updated regularly with new initiatives to keep citizens informed.
This interactive vending has been placed at three locations till date and now will be moving all over the state to interact with the citizens in an innovative way while spreading information. Every time a user interacts with it using Facebook & Twitter, our social media impression increases.

This concept has been designed and developed by Ankur Rander — Art Director – Simple Labs and UID Maharashtra Team – Govt. of Maharashtra.
It was initiated and launched by Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal – IAS, Principal Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra.