The Monochrome Painter

Chandni Vora’s paintings are a reflection of her thoughts, sometimes seemingly contradicting thoughts. She says “Each painting captures my intricate state of mind. Each painting has a new pattern for the story, which reveals my inner life. I start working with the patterns which changes to narrative. My personal beliefs change according to my surroundings, experience and emotions. I live in a constant exchange between the real and the beliefs. In my works, I am trying to depict the real as imagined and the imagined as real and the balance between the two.

The main characteristic of my works is a duality: abstraction vs realism. In my abstract compositions, hyper realistic figures make you wonder if you really have to see the work in a particular way. You feel like you are hanging between two worlds. In my work, you will find mysterious and fantastical worlds where the extraordinary meets the realistic. I often blend reality into abstraction. It’s always fun to depart from reality through abstraction and then attempt to converge back to partial reality by adding hyper realistic figures. It may leave someone confused and hanging between extremes of fantasy and reality. I paint what I perceive, I draw what I dream, I engrave what I envision and I portray what I ponder.

I want people to get lost into my works. I want to seduce people. I throw all my obsession and love in the work. I love nature. I am just trying to be honest about who I am and make the world I want to see in my paintings. There are elements of fear I have tried to create. I always have a fear of rejection. I’m always scared of my dreams being broken. At first sight, the viewer will definitely find beauty but the more he will see, the more he can realize an abstraction of thoughts, an abstraction of my perception.