Sculpting Nothingness

Artist Bhuvanesh Gowda is in search of varied and plausible possibilities. It is often that we get to encounter impossibilities that again lead us to some different and unexpected possibilities.  The impossibilities of today, as we see them, might or might not be possible tomorrow. But they are all the same promising; they carry and tempt you into the realm of unknown.

As the artist elaborates, “I’m looking into some possible impossibilities and impossible possibilities. To me, if meaningless is meaningless, meaningful is also meaningless. And what is meaningful now or here actually may or may not be so (meaningful) tomorrow or somewhere else. The infinite needs the finite to manifest itself. The finite embodies the infinite and one can create pockets of space to dwell in comfortably though they are presently fictional – till they become a fact, in time.

The young and talented artist first did his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts, Mysore (1994-99) and then completed his Master in Fine Arts at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi (2001-03). Among his selected solo, joint and group exhibitions are ‘Homesick Vagabond’ at The Birla Gallery, Mumbai (2007); ‘Limited Security/Security Ltd’, The Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai (2009); ‘Studio Practices’, Chemould Gallery, Mumbai (2009); a show at Project 88, Mumbai (2008); ‘Cream: The Mammary Show’ courtesy Chatterjee & Lal Gallery, Mumbai (2005); Kala Ghoda” Art Festival, Mumbai (2005); ‘A Voyage’ at India Habitat Centre, Delhi (2004); ‘Peers-2003’ at Khoj, Khirkee Village, Delhi; ‘Invasions’, India Habitat Centre (2002).

Bringing out nuances of his work as part a group show at Project 88, an accompanying note mentioned: “His sculpture utilizes the human torso. He opts to deliberately lean away from the overtly sensual element of the physical body to focus on the stark encounters that brings forth the hidden realities through situational conditions.”

He has participated in a national seminar on ‘Art and Value added Education’ at National Museum, Delhi (2003), apart from being part of a Wood Sculpture Workshop in Hyderabad under Lalit Kala Akademi in 1999. He served a Residency at Guild, Mumbai in 2009 and Khoj, New Delhi in 2003. A recipient of K.K.Hebbar, Award Fellowship in 2002, he also won Arnavaz S.G. Vasudev Award Fellowship and Jamia Merit Scholarship in 2002.