Led by the vibrant artistic vision and energetic personality of Kunaal Seolekar, the studio has an unparalleled edge combining young talented designers and thinkers creating some of the finest experiences for exclusive clientele.

Our goal is to reinvent and create a unique design experience that fits a particular need in an aesthetically poetic and expressive way. We listen, feel, breathe and relate to create a beautiful and functional environment.

Our tailored experiences affect the senses in a multitude of ways from furniture and art to taste, emotion and interaction in an innovative and dedicated approach, with the highest standards of quality and creativity.

Artist, designer, actor and entrepreneur, Kunaal Seolekar, has developed his unique creative expression in a wide range of design projects from distinctive private residences to contemporary lifestyle products.

Drawing on his roots as a painter and an actor, he dramatically imagines and explores the possibility of art, design and experience by combining styles and textures influenced from his global travel experiences and cultures from around the world, with mundane everyday life objects. His creations have a theatrical drama with a vibrant originality.